About Us

Located in Oklahoma City, OK, LLR Concepts is a revolutionary leader in the direct consulting and customer acquisition industry. We pride ourselves on bringing a new approach to brand awareness and customer satisfaction. We represent multi-billion-dollar companies and launch their retail marketing and sales campaigns.

Our goal at LLR Concepts is to bring our clients new loyal customers with our talented and well-trained sales team. We work face-to-face with potential consumers in a retail environment. LLR Concepts provides its team with effective training and tools to ensure their success and growth. We offer all our team members the same promotion opportunities into management, and advancement is always based on merit.

LLR Concepts is dedicated to giving our team, clients, and customer the utmost respect and professionalism when doing business with our company. Our company provides a fun and energetic corporate culture that ensures our team members have a prosperous future and career. LLR Concepts is all about togetherness, and we host multiple events to promote this, including daily success meetings, weekly team nights, and yearly conference trips to various locations.

Our company is constantly growing! LLR Concepts is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join its team. Contact us today or visit our company’s CareerBuilder profile!